About Hauser

Hauser multi-axis jig grinding machines are specially developed for applications requiring complex double curvature profiles where very high standards of surface finish and accuracy are essential. Hauser machines are ideal for super-finished applications where accuracy must not be compromised.

Key Specifications

Grinding Spindle
Spindle Sleeve Diameter
100 mm (3.94 in)
The Machine is Prepared for the Following Grinding Spindle Speeds
- Infinitely Adjustable and Programmable Grinding Motors
4'500 - 80'000 min-1 (r.p.m.)
- Grinding Turbines Adjustable up to
130'000 min-1 (r.p.m.)
Planetary Speed, C Axis
- Follow-Up Mode, AC Servo Drive
up to 20 min-1 (r.p.m.)
- Stroke Frequency Z
max. 5 Hz
- Stroke Length Z, Infinitely Adjustable
max. 110 mm (4.33 in)
Radial Fine Feed, U Axis
up to 5,5 mm (.217 in)
Vertical traversing speed W - Traversing Speed
4'000 mm/min  (157.4 in/min)
Vertical traversing speed W - Machining Speed
0 - 2'000 mm/min (0 - 78.7 in/min)
Table and Saddle X, Y - Traversing Speed
2'000 mm/min (78.7 in/min)
Vertical traversing speed W
Table and Saddle X, Y - Machining Speed
0 - 2'000 mm/min (0 - 78.7 in/min)
Table and Saddle X, Y
Working Surface
600 x 380 mm (23.6 x 15 in)
6 T-Slots, Width
10 mm (.394 in)
Admissible Load
max. 300 kg (660 lb)
Range of Adjustment XY
500 x 300 mm (19.7 x 11.8 in)
Vertical Adjustment of the Grinding Head (W)
450 mm (17.7 in)
Clearance Between the Grinding Motor (45S) and the Table
0 - 500 mm (0 - 19.7 in)
Clearance Between Columns
365 mm (14.5 in)
Grinding Diameter (with grinding wheel 100mm)
- Without Extension Plate
max. 230 mm (9 in)
- With Extension Plate
max. 360 mm (14.2 in)
Taper Grinding, Included Angle (divergent and convergent)
max. 16°

Product Description

The Hauser H35 is the highest precision Jig Grinder on the market. Proven Hydrostatic slide ways allow superior accuracy and lifelong performance. This performance is coupled with the most modern control (Fanuc 300i) on the market today. The Hauser H35 has multiple spindle options to match your application.  The new designed Hydrostatic guided spindle bearing system along with the extended stroke on the “U” axis (50mm) allows for excellent rigidity and stiffness resulting in accuracies within <0.5 microns.


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