About Kellenberger

By the use of most modern manufacturing means future-oriented technology is being created, which can meet the customers’ technical and economical requirements today and tomorrow. Wherever highly accurate grinding is required, KELLENBERGER precision grinding machines are in use.

Key Specifications

Grinding Specifications
Floor Space (L x W)
3010x2050 / 3600x2050 kg

Heidenhain GRINDplusIT

Weight of Workpiece Between Centers
100 kg
Center Height
175 mm
Distance Between Centers
800 / 1000 mm

Product Description

The Kel-Viva CNC universal cylindrical grinding machines has been developed to satisfy the highest demand for quality. Intensive application studies and the use of state of the art technology in development and production have resulted to this universal grinding machine. Hydrostatic guideways and a strict separation of the machine base from the assemblies, generating heat or vibration, provide superb precision and productivity. The hydrostatic guides for the longitudinal slide movement (Z-axis) and for wheelslide infeed (X-axis) provide the basis for the machine’s extreme accuracy. X- and Z-axes movements are practically frictionless at all speeds. There is no stick slip; even the smallest increments of 0.1 ìm can be traveled without a problem, so that the machine features measuringmachine accuracy.

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